3 Main divisions of the group

The group’s activities are split between 3 concentrated divisions:

Shavit Group is the leading company in the energy field in Israel and the palestinian authority.

The group provides a solution in a wide range of market aspects: Production, Maintenance, Import, Export, Fueling etc. The group has a number of companies operating in the real estate field. Shavit Group is world renowned in projects executed overseas with various international companies as well as the US military. The group has a sound reputation in producing and maintaining tankers for conveying liquids, gases, chemicals etc. The group is the sole distributor of many leading companies all over the world.

The Shavit Group’s complex, Ashdod


in 1965, in Herzliya, David Shavit established, a small blacksmith plant, with one workroom.


In 1971, Shlomo and Mandy joined their father and attempted to expand the business into new directions.


In 1981, The location was too small for them, they acquired a plot, in the industrial zone Ashdod, where they built the first shed, with their bare hands, until the early hours of the morning.


In 1993, the company was on the highway to success and : “M.S. International Trade and Marketing” was established which, imported products from overseas and later changed its name to “Comet S.M. International Trading Ltd.”


In 2000 the third Shavit generation joined the work at the family plant.

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