Meters are liquid flow measuring accessories. Meters provide us with exact and reliable infor-mation about the quantity of a liquid. Meters are of great assistance in the industrial field and facilitate regular work. Meters are necessary in all the food, gas, petroleum and chemical in-dustries. Their purpose is to measure the quantity of substances as well as to follow up and execute adaptations for the necessary work precisely.

“Comet” specializes and leads the energy field in Israel. The company is highly experienced, with large companies throughout the world and provides quality and reliable meters at the highest level.

Types of Meters:

Types of Meters

  • A meter for general use: Model SMB32 – intended for fuel, aviation, chemicals and paints.
  • Petroleum gauge for tankers : Model SMB 75 – 150 – for measuring fuels and biodiesel.
  • A gauge for unloading and filling tankers: Model BM 200 600 – installation on fuel terminals and refueling stations.
  • Petroleum gauge: Model LBM 1000 – 3000 – Installation on marine tankers and refineries.
  • LPG gauge: model LPG 2.
  • Gravitation meter: Model S9000 – for measuring the quantity of petroleum unloaded from the tanker.

Calibration Equipment

  • A master gauge- Model Master Meter.
  • Capacity meters – Verification of calibration for meters.
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