Heavy Vehicle Accessories

A heavy vehicle carries heavy loads and, on many occasions it also transports flammable hazard-ous substances. The substances that the heavy vehicle transports, are transported in all the vari-ous forms od accumulation, commencing with liquids and ending in gasses and solids. The dam-age that could be called as a result of the conflagration of the substances, is fatal and irreversible. Consequently, it is important to be equipped with a range of heavy vehicle types of accessories that provide safety and security.
The safety equipment that is included in all the heavy vehicle accessories includes: Dry powder fire extinguishers, which are located in accessible areas and can be retrieved quickly and immediately and, which undergo, periodic inspections and are found to be compliant with the standard. Furthermore, among the accessories in a heavy vehicle, there should be a first aid kit, which has been approved by the Red Star of David. An additional accessory is: Explosion proof illumination, which is protected and sealed off against flammable substances, water and corrosion.

“Comet” imports quality heavy vehicle equipment, which comply with all the requirements and are adapted to all types of heavy vehicles. The company has rich experience in the entire energy field and is perceived to be the leading company in Israel in this field.

Types of Heavy Vehicle Accessories

  • Plastic toolboxes – Material: Plastic. There is a locking option, it can be ordered in a number of volumes and colors. It can be ordered with the customer’s logo (limited in quantity).
  • Fire extinguisher installations – suitable for 6 kg, 9 kg , 12 kg , 12 kg double 9 kg 12 kg models can be ordered with a transparent window.
  • Water tank – 30 liters/ 32 liters. In a number of shapes and colors, a soap dish can be included.
  • Wings – of plastic or iron in a number of sizes.
  • Housing for wings – from iron, aluminum and stainless steel in a number of sizes.
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