There are pumps in a range of aspects in our lives, and we are affected by them with a directly or indirectly.
Pump systems transfer substances from one location to another. The substance can be liquid or gas, which we require for a broad selection of actions and purposes. Many systems cannot exist without designated pumps.
“Comet” supplies pumps and pumping systems of all types pursuant to the customer’s re-quirements. The company markets only quality and professional products that comply with all the necessary standards.

Pumps Catalog

Pump type:

Rotary vane pumps for petrol

  • Model GX – A rotary vane pump intended for non-corrosive substances – all types of petro-leum (including jet fuel), oils (including edible oils), solvents, organic mixtures and alcohol. In view of the pump’s higher than usual feeding capability, its primary purpose is for stationary pumping stations for petroleum terminals and aircraft refueling terminals.
  • Model TX – Pump designated for all types of fuels (including jet fuels and high-octane aviation fuel), light oils, solvents and paint. The pump’s primary purpose is for petroleum tankers– the pump has a PTO connection.

Rotary vane pumps for chemicals

  • A pump for chemicals – Model SMVP / MVP – A rotary vane pump intended for working with chemicals such as: Acrylic acid, chloride, hydrogen compoundsן, sulfur, formalin, ethanol, xylene, toluene and other substances.
  • A pump for a range of corrosive substances and essence – Model STX – A pump especially adapted to corrosive substances, acids and urea. The pump comes with Teflon seals in order to lengthen its lifespan.
  • A pump for cleaning materials, solvents and acids – Model PROVANE – An innovative rota-ry vane pump especially intended for the production processes of soap and solvents used as the basis for cleaning materials.

Rotary vane pumps for gasses

  • A pump for LPG – Model LGL – rotary vane pump, designated for massive work with gas:
    Introducing and pumping gas in piping lines, filling and emptying aboveground and under-ground static accumulations etc. Blackmer has been considered to be the leader in the gas pumping field for more than 40 years, and was the first to develop a pump for working with gas – a Positive Displacement gas pump. Suitable for propane, butane, ammonia and
    natural gas etc.
  • A pump for carbon dioxide CO2 – Model CRL – A pump that had been especially adapted for using with liquid CO2 under high pressure.

Rotary vane pumps for industry

  • A food products pump – Model NP – An ideal pump for a broad range of liquids, with a range of viscosities and temperatures (up to 260oC ). Excellent for distillates such as: Chocolate, syrups, honey, oils and various types of disinfectants(including edible), wax, milk and various types of disinfectants.
  • A pump for viscid substances with particles – Model XL – A rotary vane pump designat-ed for use with liquid with particles up to a size of 250 microns and a maximum concentra-tion of 25% such as all types of dyes, ink and glues.
  • Industrial pump – Model HXL – An industrial pump for very high capacities. In view of the very high feeding ability, it is especially adapted to piping lines, filling installations, terminals and various sailing vessels. The pump has an internal valve for preventing high pressures.
  • A manual pump for non-corrosive liquids – A manual rotary vane pump for a broad range of non-corrosive liquids especially adapted for pumping from barrels and stationary con-tainers. The ultimate solution for locations without electricity in which there is a necessity for a reliable pumping system.

Centrifugal pumps

  • Model S, A, M, LD-17, VORTEX – a centrifugal pump that provides a solution for pump-ing sludge and mixtures that contain solid particles, air and fibrous materials.
  • Model TMB, TMR, 2TMA G, TMR, ZMR, SATURN – A centrifugal pump, mechanical or magnetic drive, constructed from thermoplastic materials and highly resistant to chemicals. Inter alia intended for seawater, cosmetics, dyes, drugs, chemicals for solar systems, toxic substances, and food etc.

Disc pumps without seals for food and chemicals

  • A pump on the principle of an Eccentric Disc Pump without seals- Model A series, C se-ries, S series, SLC series – Pumps that operate on the principle of an Eccentric disc pump and work with innovative technology without seals, and especially adapted to the food and sanitation field: Milk, yogurt, concentrate, creams, shampoo, various kinds of toothpaste and lotions.
  • A pump without seals – Model MICRO C – A pump that operates on the principle of an Eccentric disc pump and specially adapted as a solution for industries that require low capacities (less than 800 liters per hour) such as: cosmetics, food, milk, and drug drinks etc. It can be used as a dosing pump.

Peristaltic Pumps

  • Peristaltic pump – Model ABAQUE SERIES – A peristaltic pipe pump without seals suit-able for a range of industries commencing with food through paint and the chemical indus-try.
  • LOBE – rotary pump Model BLK SERIES intended for the food industry, cosmetics and medical substances.
  • A pump for especially viscose liquids – Model P SERIES – A rotary vane pump adapted for a range of substances, commencing with liquids and ending with especially viscose substances, while maintaining a high capacity.

Diaphragm pumps (air pressure)

  • Diaphragm pump- Model DDA 25R – 38R – 50R / DDA 38C – 50C – A diaphragm pump that operates on air pressure for a very broad range of chemical substances. The pumps are adapted for working in hazardous regions ATEX ״region 2״ and pursuant to re-quirement ATEX ״region 1״.
  • Diaphragm pump- Model DDA 50 – 75 – 100C – 100 – 125 – 150 – 200 – A diaphragm pump that operates on air pressure for a very broad range of chemical substances. The pumps are adapted for working in hazardous regions ATEX ״region 2״ and pursuant to re-quirement ATEX ״region 1״.
  • FDA approved diaphragm pump – Model ASTRAFOOD DFA 75 – 125 – 150 – 150 – 200 – a diaphragm pump operating on air pressure intended for transferring food products, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, chemical additives, beverages, milk products, paint and bio-technology at temperatures of up to 95 degrees Celsius. The product is composed of FDA approved materials. The pumps are adapted for working in hazardous regions ATEX ״re-gion 2״ and pursuant to requirement ATEX ״region 1״.

Immersion pumps

  • An FDA approved diaphragm pump – ModelASTRAFOOD DFA 75 – 125 – 150 – 150 – 200 – A series of immersion centrifugal pumps, intended for pumping corrosive substances, acids, aromatic substances, and lotions etc. while guaranteeing high efficiency and a long lifespan.
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