Gas Stations

Shavit Group has established a number of Gas Stations in partnership with some of the leading companies in the market, such as: Delek, Paz and Dor Alon. The erection stages included: Finding the areas and obtaining the necessary legal authorizations, planning the filling station complex, the washing machines, offices, convenience stores and retail complex. Inspection of the construction. Characterization of the necessary equipment. Receipt of the necessary legal authori-zations and activation of the station. Regular management of the entire complex.

Delek Shikma Location: On Highway 4 at the entrance to Moshav Shikma, South of Ashkelonן. May 2001 – June 2004

Paz Hahoshlim Location: Herzliya Industrial Zone , 5 Hahoshlim St. period of management by the Shavit Group March 2004 – July2008

Or Station Location: Industrial zone Or Yehuda, 17 Haharoshet St.. period of management by the Shavit Group: October 2005 – November 2008

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