About Importing Tankers

Shavit Group’s Import Division is responsible for importing tankers for a wide range of products, including: Powders (Sugar, Flour, Cement, Plastic Flakes etc.),  Cryogenic Gases, Natural Gas, Milk and Food Enrichment Products, Tankers for Chemicals and all types of liquids.

The Uniqueness of the Division

Beyond the quality of the products imported by the division, the main advantages are embedded in its ability to provide full services including: Restoring, Repairs and Regular Maintenance for all imported products. The extensive services include: renoraling systems, all types of Repairs, Periodic Inspections, Calibrations, etc.

Authorizations and Standards

All the transport equipment imported by the division are approved by the office of transportation and Licensing Office. As well as all the products are approved by the SII and or by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


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