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Explosion Proof Illumination

In various locations in industry, in which flammable materials and chemical are produced or stored, it is important to be prepared and safeguard against the danger of a flare-up and explo-sion. One of the ways of guarding against explosions is to install explosion proof illumination in these types of location.
Firstly, it is important to define the main danger regions at the location and to rate them accord-ing to the risk level. Afterwards, each region must be dealt with pursuant to the severity situa-tion. Explosion proof illumination is illumination that has to be sealed off outwardly with100% protection and provides illumination over the entire storage area.

Comet supplies a selection of quality and professional explosion proof illumination types that assist in safeguarding safety and are even lifesaving.
Betts has been a leading company for more than 50 years in the field of supplying explosion proof illumination for trailers and tankers. The company supplies a broad range of the illumina-tion products and the accompanying products: Indicators, lamps, sealed connectors that are protected against explosion and kits of emergency illumination for tankers. The illumination products are 100% sealed for the environment, and are thus protected from corrosion and penetration of water.
he company has rich experience in the field, and also engineers and produces illumination products pursuant to personal adaptation to the customer’s requirements.
The illumination is especially adapted for transporting hazardous substances. Furthermore, there is special illumination that can be adapted to installations that store gas or other explosive substances.

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