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Petroleum Tankers

Petrol tankers are a comprehensive name of a broad range of transportation vessels, which in-cludes a large petroleum cargo. Since reference is to hazardous and flammable substances, which are transported inside petroleum tankers, the vehicles that transfer the cargos to their destination have to be managed with utmost safety

There are many highly stringent regulations on the subject of petroleum tankers. Reference is to a sensitive and especially hazardous field and, therefore, the regulations are valid and implemented in Israel and in any location throughout the world. While every country has to adopt cautionary measures and to operate pursuant to the stipulations, it is entitled to present a domestic version of the stipulations, adapted to its domestic environmental conditions.

With advanced technology and modernization, at present, the most refined petroleum tankers, which are produced under stringent safety conditions and present high compatibility with all the requirements of the safety standards, are displayed. These petroleum tankers, inter alia, have sys-tems that maintain environmental quality and prevent the spillage of flammable substances.

“Shavit” designs and develops petroleum tanker vehicles that are adapted to customer require-ments, the requirements of the safety standards and the environment and field conditions. The pe-troleum tankers at “Shavit” only set out for regular work, after they have been tested and have re-ceived the relevant authorizations.

Semi-trailer tanker for petrol
Rigid full-trailer tanker for petrol
Rigid full-trailer tanker for transporting petrol – up to 10,000 liters
Drawbars Tanker
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